8% Glucosamine Cream

pnflex™ 8% Glucosamine Cream 100ml

Your daily fast and soothing relief for painful joints!

pnflex™ 8% Glucosamine Cream is a non-sticky emollient formulated with 8% glucosamine for rapid and effective relief for painful joints.

The pain and misery associated with the diseases that affect the joints keep anyone away from living their life to the fullest. Some of these common joint conditions include arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, reactive arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. There is a multitude of other problems that further deteriorates the pain especially for the elderly people with joint disorders have to go through.

Therefore, pnflex™ 8% Glucosamine Cream helps maintain an overall joint health in those conditions. It is formulated with 8% glucosamine, which helps to provide instant relief for the common joint conditions. In addition, it also contains Squalene (shark oil) and Capric Triglyceride ingredient further infuses the cream with the properties that help reduce the risk of osteoporosis while making sure that all the active ingredients present are absorbed thoroughly. Enhance with proprietary transdermal delivery technology which facilitates rapid transdermal penetration of active ingredients and moisturize your skin after every application.

Product Benefits

Who Is It For?

PN Flex Glucosamine cream contains 8% glucosamine, which provides a quick relief in case of joint pain. It is suitable for use by:


 The sports person who are prone to suffer from an injury


Active lifestylers




People with aching muscles because of a certain condition

Glucosamine Cream's Well-Tested Ingredients


8% Glucosamine

Helps provide instant relief for the common joint conditions.

Squalene (Shark Oil)

Helps reduce the joint pain and inflammation.

Capric Triglyceride

Facilitates the transdermal penetration of the cream and its other ingredients.

Why Take 8% Glucosamine Cream?

Joints are an integral part of the body that help with locomotion. Any injury to the joints or the occurrence of a specific disease can severely impact the movement of the body and cause intense pain and discomfort to the patient.

Joint pain becomes more common with advancing age. The joints that are commonly affected include the knees, hips, shoulders, ankles and the feet joints. However, pain can practically affect almost any part of the body, from the shoulders to the toes and even a jaw.

A typical joint pain may last for a few days to months, depending on the severity of the condition. The pain could be mild or debilitating.

pnflex™ 8% Glucosamine Cream helps provide an effective and instant relief from the joint pains. Regular use of the cream eliminates the pain and any discomfort associated with it. Its use over a long period of time helps repair and regenerate the cartilage, which is a connective tissue present in the joints. This cream is transdermal, which means it is readily absorbed through the skin.