About PN Flex


Extension Brand of PrincipleNutrition

pnflex™ brand is an extension brand of PrincipleNutrition. PrincipleNutrition deals with an entire range of dietary supplements developed in the form of multivitamins to fulfil the daily health needs of men and women. pnflexTM brand focuses primarily on the health products and application that help maintain strong joints, muscles and bones.

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    Cartilage & Joints

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It is important to ensure proper cartilage, joint, muscle and bone health to maintain an active lifestyle and a long-term healthy life. Since bones, joints and muscles help with human locomotion, the importance of maintaining their health increases with advancing age as these tissues tend to wear out causing restriction of movements.

The novel combination of the vitamins, minerals and other ingredients in these supplements is ideal for people with active lifestyle and the people who suffer from the conditions affecting the bones, joints or the muscles, including osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The elderly and athletes are at a greater risk of cartilage wear and tear, which might result in acute and chronic pain and inflammation of the joints and muscles. The supplements developed under pnflex™ are specially designed to provide relief from such cases.


An Active Ingredient in pnflex™ Products

The supplements and application developed under pnflex™ contain glucosamine as an active ingredient. Glucosamine is a natural amino sugar present in the human joint cartilage. It is naturally produced by the human body for the growth, repair and maintenance of the cartilage.

The wear and tear of the cartilage cause depletion of the glucosamine. The joints and muscles, thus, get affected resulting in an increase in the friction between the bones. This establishes an unfavourable condition that leads to the onset of a number of conditions that affect the bones, muscles or joints.

pnflex™ supplements provide Glucosamine in high amounts. While pnflex™ glucosamine cream supplies the amino sugar in its pure form, the rest of the medications contain glucosamine sulfate as one of the main ingredients.

It has been clinically proved that glucosamine can help improve the joint lubrication and joint mobility, slow down the deterioration of the cartilage and provide relief from pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis. Today, it is one of the most common non-vitamin, non-mineral daily supplement taken by the adult American population.